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Woodstock Women’s Sandal

The showers can be a jungle and our trendy Woodstock Sandals not only protect your feet but they look good too. The smooth colors and fresh look will be sure to make you feel good when you head off to take your daily shower in the community bathroom.

With so many different people using the same shower it is important to wear sandals in the shower to protect against bacteria and germs. We know it will take getting used to, that is why provides you with stylish and comfortable 'Community Shower' Sandals.

Available Woodstock Women’s Sandal Options:
Color / Sizes: Olive/Brown (6), Olive/Brown (8), Olive/Brown (10), Black/White (8), Black/White (10), Gray/Pink (6), Gray/Pink (8), Gray/Pink (10)
(Options not shown in the drop down list below are out of stock or on backorder.)
regular price: $16.55 sale price: $11.99
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